The Benefits of Men’s Support Groups

For men who are dealing with divorce, depression, illness or other problems, it can be common to feel alone. I know I did when I went through a rough patch, and while therapy and other forms of treatment do help out it can be hard to really stay positive in tough times.

However, I did find a men’s support group in my area, and my therapist suggested that I go to one after we spoke about it. She said that it would be a good way for me to make some friendships and maybe discover what other men go through when dealing with the same problems I am.

Men aren’t often seen as people who have a lot of friends, and society encourages men to handle their own problems themselves. But a men’s support group changed my life.

Helping me fix my problems

When I went into the group and men started talking about the various types of problems they were having in life, I was able to connect myself with men who not only felt the same emotions I did but were also brave enough to talk about them.

As I analyzed their solutions to the various problems they had encountered and began to draw connections to my own life, I found myself understanding the toll my problems had taken on my mental and physical health and then moved to speak about them.

The men around me understood, let me speak openly, and then helped coach me through the emotions that followed as I really began to connect with the community.

I made a friend

Support groups often have events and other outings that help take back what moments of depression have taken from us, and I soon found myself making friends and understanding the importance of male friendships.

Bromances are focused more on men hanging out and doing things that both enjoy and while it might not be like friendships presented in the female society male friendships often allow us to be ourselves.

Most men aren’t as judged by other men as they are with the women in their lives, so they don’t have to be super manly or strong around a woman, they can just be themselves. Bromances allow men to simply talk about things that they feel women wouldn’t get, and I feel the same way.

A Bro can be the third member of a relationship, and for me, the friends I make are.

Judgement free

Male support groups can help men be open and simply talk and listen without the fear of being judged or looked down upon, enabling us to still be men and feel strong. Men know what other men need and often the men around you are going through the same problems.

I know they were for me, and once I built a support group of men around me and started to really make them my friends, I found that my depression was starting to slip away and I was happier. As of now, the depression is gone.