Men’s Groups for Grieving

When you have lost your wife or a child or another loved one, as a man you are faced with some serious challenges. You are supposed to be strong, but society has placed all these stereotypes upon you that limit your ability to truly cope with the loss at hand.

Support Group Solution

If you are a man who is grieving heavily, you will find that you will do best to grieve in a group with other men. While it is good to see a therapist as well, nothing will replace the brotherhood that you get with other men in this situation.

Men need to grieve in their own way, not in the way that the women who raised them taught them to do. You need to be supported by other men who have been through the same thing and others who are going through the same thing.

This provides you with real support and a sounding board out there so people will understand you rather than shame you.

Men Need Men

When you try to go through your grieving process in a group of mixed gender, the experience is very different than it would be in a group of men alone. You would do well to attend some closed men only groups for grief support.

This way, you can get the relationship of men in the matter when you need it most. This is important. You must learn how to grieve like a real man rather than bury all those emotions down inside in an effort to be tough. Only other men can allow you to do this.

Understanding of Like Minds

Men tend to have a lot of similarities and that is for one simple reason – the gender. Men react to things a different way than women do. Men tend to isolate from their emotions and would typically not choose to join a men’s group at all.

Instead of doing the right thing, isolating yourself in the grieving process is only going to breed bad feelings, depression, resentment, anger, and possibly problems with addiction and worse. You should do the right thing and join a men’s grief support group.

That way, you have like minds and bodies to share the process with rather than being alone with it. You will be able to gain a gradual trust in the group as the process unfolds and you are able to learn more about your grief.

Opening the Heart

Most men are reluctant to share their feelings for fear of being ridiculed or thought of as being weak. When you go to a men’s grieving support group, you will not have to feel this way. You will be able to open your heart about your feelings.

At the same time, you will learn the very valuable skill of listening to others and leaving your heart open for them as well. Within a men’s group, a safe haven is created that allows all of you to be emotionally honest. Emotional honesty keeps you healthy.