Men’s Divorce Support Groups

You have what you think will be the perfect marriage and then it starts to go sour. After a time, things fall apart and you find yourself going through a divorce. As a man, you need men’s support for this, not that of women, not at this time.

Finding Support

If you are seeking help to get through a divorce, the first person you contact is a lawyer. This person, however, is not a therapist and they cannot help you to get through all the personal problems which arise. On that note, you may choose to see a therapist.


The only problem with that is they can be expensive. Still, you should consider it as it will be very helpful in the long run, particularly if you are having a tough time with the whole issue. Therapy can be very revealing and healing.

At the same time, you may want a group of men to share your troubles with and that is where a men’s divorce group will come in handy. Though men are “not supposed to” worry about relationships or be emotionally sensitive, there is a reality beyond the stereotypical ideologies here.

Help Through the Divorce

Men go through just as much turmoil in a divorce as women do. Men also care just as much about their kids as women do. The major difference between men and women in divorce is in the level of support that they get.

The fact of the matter is that women get more support from their friends in a divorce than men do. Due to the stereotype of a man having to be strong, he is less likely to get support from male friends and even less likely than that to join a support group.

However, the men’s divorce support group can help a man to get through a divorce, providing the support of other men who have been through the same thing. It is an emotionally safe environment to release one’s fears and tears as needed.

Men’s Relationships

The fact of the matter is that the men of today were raised by women and do not have the coping skills to deal with problems the way a man should. It takes the presence and support of other men who have figured this out or who are figuring it out to make a real difference.

The environment of a support group is not to be underestimated. It teaches men how to develop good relationship skills between each other.

What You Get From a Support Group

Men’s groups help with a bit more than just helping one through a divorce. Even though men may join a group as a matter of crisis, they are more likely to stay for the friendship and life support that they get.

You get a no B.S. Reality check when you go to one of these groups and that is what you need. The men there will not let you get away with self-pity but instead encourage you to live your full independence.